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04 Дек 2022

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Трамп любит Путина и ничего не знает о политике – Ромни. Mitt Romney: "Donald Trump Is a Fraud" | Everyday in Ukraine | Everyday in Ukraine 


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Об этом пишет New York Magazine.

По его словам, «Дональд Трамп — фальшивка, мошенник. его обещания столь ничтожны, как диплом Университета Трампа, — заявил Ромни. — Он принимает американский народ за лохов: он получает бесплатную поездку в Белый дом, а все, что мы получаем — это паршивая шляпа».

«Трамп заявлял, что восхищается Владимиром Путиным и подвергал критике президента США Джорджа Буша», — напомнил Ромни. По его мнению, внешняя политика Трампа снизила бы уровень безопасности страны.

«Трамп не должен стать президентом США», — резюмировал Ромни.


Four years ago, Mitt Romney formally welcomed Donald Trump into the Republican Party. The presumptive GOP nominee traveled to Las Vegas to accept the billionaire «birther» theorist’s endorsement, in an apparent effort to capture a larger slice of the «Obama is a Kenyan Muslim» vote. But on Thursday, Romney did everything in his power to evict the Donald from the GOP tent, going so far as to suggest that Trump should be denied the nomination, even if he enters the convention with a plurality of delegates.

«Now, I know some people want this race to be over. They look at history and say that a trend like Mr. Trump’s isn’t going to be stopped,» the former nominee said in his jeremiad at the Hinckley Institute of Politics Forum. «But the rules of political history have pretty much all been shredded during this campaign. If the other candidates can find some common ground, I believe we can nominate a person who can win the general election and who will represent the values and policies of conservatism. Given the current delegate selection process, that means that I’d vote for Marco Rubio in Florida, for John Kasich in Ohio, and for Ted Cruz or whichever of the other two contenders that has the best chance of beating Mr. Trump in a given state.

But wait, you say, isn’t he a huge business success that knows what he’s talking about? No, he isn’t,» Romney said. «He inherited his business, he didn’t create it. And whatever happened to Trump Airlines? How about Trump University? And then there’s Trump magazine and Trump Vodka and Trump Steaks, and Trump Mortgage? A business genius he is not.»

«Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University,» Romney concluded. «He’s playing the American people for suckers: He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is this lousy hat.»



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