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27 Ноя 2022

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World Press | Everyday in Ukraine 


Автор: : Роман Игоревич

Prime minister says at least 17 foreign tourists among 19 killed in assault on Bardo National Museum in Tunis.


Автор: : Роман Игоревич

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В посольстве Великобритании наглядно показали, как Путин врал про Крым.

Фото из Твиттера посольства Великобритании в Украине. Такой же твит появился и на странице британского дипведомства в Болгарии.


Автор: : Роман Игоревич

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World press about Ukrainian conflict. Top News Digest.


Автор: : Роман Игоревич

Russia’s president knows exactly what he wants, and it’s not eastern Ukraine. His interests are all about oil and gas and supply routes. The rest is smoke and mirrors.


Автор: : Роман Игоревич

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande are meeting Russia’s Vladimir Putin to try to end escalating fighting in Ukraine.

Mr Hollande and Mrs Merkel are taking to Moscow a peace proposal crafted in the Ukrainian capital Kiev on Thursday, but details have not been released.

Meanwhile a truce has allowed civilians to leave Debaltseve, at the heart of the latest fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Russia is accused of arming pro-Russian separatists – a claim it denies.


Автор: : Роман Игоревич

The leaders of Germany and France, carrying a peace plan that reportedly incorporates proposals from Russia, have met Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko in an effort to bring an end to fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Thursday’s trip to Kiev by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande will be followed by a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow “based on the territorial integrity of Ukraine”.


Автор: : Роман Игоревич

The United States is reconsidering whether to provide weapons to Ukraine in its fight against Russian-backed separatists, a senior US administration official has said.

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